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Fitness Q&A with personal trainer Amy Headdy

Amy Headdy Jeremy Hogan | INstride

MODERATOR: Good morning everyone, and welcome to today's myINstride.com fitness chat with personal trainer Amy Headdy. Feel free to send your questions in now.

Amy, thanks for joining us. Before we begin, can you tell us a little bit about your background?

AMY HEADDY: Hi, I am from Bloomington and live in Ellettsville. I have been doing my business for about a year and half now. I was previously a Preschool teacher, but decided to pursue my dream and become a Personal trainer. I enjoy helping people and teaching the importance of being healthy.

QUESTION: I recently started doing daily aerobics again after a couple years of being lazy. It feels like I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, deep pain that has lasted several weeks. What should be the next step... my regular doctor? A physical therapist? Massage? Thanks!

Suzanne, Bloomington

AMY HEADDY: I would suggest seeing your regular doctor to begin with.

QUESTION: With my current weight training routine, I'm beginning to get larger hamstrings and glutes, which are making my pants tighter in the thighs. Should I do more cardio training, decrease the weight when I do certain exercises, or should I continue what I'm doing in order for the muscle to start burning more fat?

Jess, Bloomington

AMY HEADDY: It sounds like you tend to bulk up easily in these areas, so I suggest lowering the weight with these two muscles and keep doing your regular exercises.

QUESTION: How can I find a qualified personal trainer in Bloomington?

Buffy, Bloomington

AMY HEADDY: Check the local gyms and the internet.

QUESTION: Amy, Any suggestions on how people can move their workout indoors during the fall and winter months — and still keep it exciting?

Sarah Morin, Bloomington

AMY HEADDY: I would suggest renting video's from the library or buy some and checking out classes offered around town.

QUESTION: Can you recommend any good dieticians and personal trainers in the Bloomington area?

Ann, Bloomington

AMY HEADDY: I would ask your doctor about a dietician and if your are interested in Personal training I offer free consultations.

QUESTION: Amy, What's the minimum amount of exercise a generally healthy but lazy and time constrained person can do to stay generally healthy? Aerobics or stretching or weight-bearing? Thanks!

Dawn Hewitt, Bloomington

AMY HEADDY: I would suggest cardio, weight training and stretching. All of these are the key to staying healthy. If you have not exercised in a while, start out slow to build up your endurance.

QUESTION: How can I get in touch with you?

Ann, Bloomington

AMY HEADDY: My website address is Anywhere Fitness and you can email me from my website. Thanks!

QUESTION: I am a 48 year old female that has a history of lower back pain, but want to target my abs and get ready to look my best when my family is in town for the holidays. How many crunches are too many for me?

Amy, Bloomington

AMY HEADDY: If you have stability ball I would highly recommend using one. The ball will make it more comfortable for your back and will work your abs more because you have to work on balance. I would suggest no more than 3 sets of 15 reps for your abs. Always listen to your body, if your back is in pain during an ab workout find another ab exercise.

QUESTION: Is it realistic to expect that as a 64 year old woman, I can do strength training and cardio AND get my weight back down (a 15 pound loss) to where I was when I was fifty and my clothes fit?

Buffy, Bloomington

AMY HEADDY: Yes you can, just make sure you watching your diet as well.

QUESTION: What kind of exercise do you recommend for women with osteoporosis?

Julie, Bloomington

AMY HEADDY: I would doing strength training, this will help strengthen the bones. If you have not done weight training before, you can either use resistant bands or weights and start out with low resistant, high reps.

MODERATOR: Thanks for all the questions today.

Amy, would you like to leave us with any fitness advice or suggestions?

Please be sure to check out myINstride.com for more fitness, nutrition and wellness news.

AMY HEADDY: If you are not already in a exercise routine, I highly recommend you start. No matter what your age or fitness level, being physically active on a daily bases will improve your quality of life. Exercise does not have to be a chore, pick things you enjoy like, hiking, bowling, golfing, biking and so forth. Thank you for all your questions!

Rachel Martin does an abdominal reach for upper abs while personal trainer Amy Headdy supervises. Jeremy Hogan | INstride

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