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Walking Fit

Mitchell woman puts feet to pavement for fun and health

Brenda Hall walks for exercise, for stress relief and to get herself from Point A to Point B.

“I don’t drive, so I’ve always walked,” said the Mitchell resident who works part time at the JayC Store deli. “I walk to work, the library, post office, wherever I need to go in town.”

Hall, 62, never thought much about all the walking she does until she noticed some of her friends struggling to walk short distances.

“I feel sorry for people who can’t walk, because there’s not much you can do for exercise if you can’t walk,” she said.

In 2007, Hall moved from Indianapolis, where she lived for 37 years, to Mitchell. In Indianapolis, she used a lot of public transportation. She could take the Mitchell bus, but she said she prefers walking for its many health benefits.

“I’ve never had a weight problem. I weigh 100 pounds and am 5-4. I take no prescription medicine. I have few pains and seldom even a cold. I eat a lot of vegetables and mostly chicken. I don’t eat a lot of junk food. Walking keeps me slim,” she said. “And if I’m sitting at home, not doing anything, I get up and go for a walk.”

Walking keeps her in shape for her other hobby, dancing at the Mitchell Senior Center.

“I can still fast dance, I just love it. I dance for three hours every Friday and Saturday night,” she said.

When not walking or dancing, she enjoys reading and working jigsaw puzzles.

“To me stress is the worst. And walking really helps with that.”

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