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Short Turnaround

Martinsville woman gets active and buys time

Twelve years ago, Jackie Short, 75, had congestive heart failure, which led to two bypass surgeries.

The Morgan County woman had balance problems and fell down a lot and was generally in bad health. She knew she needed to do something about it.

Short began working out at Curves over four years ago and has had a tremendous turnaround, she said.

She started at Curves after she was notified that her insurance would help pay for a gym membership.

She started slowly, working up to her current regimen. Now she does 30 seconds on each machine at Curves for two cycles, which equals a 30-minute workout. She does this five times each week.

“Before starting at Curves, I would get so out of breath,” Short said. “When I would shop with my daughter, I had to stop and sit down.”

But things have really turned around for her.

Short was recently given an evaluation of her health to determine if she needed an artificial pump. During the test, Short had to walk for six minutes.

She exceeded the doctor’s expectations.

“I wasn’t even breathing hard,” Short said of the walking test. “I could have walked faster, but I didn’t want to show off.”

The artificial pump might be needed later, but for now, Short will get by without it. She credits that with her work at Curves. Her daughter does, too.

“I honestly never thought my mom would be alive today,” said her daughter Stacey Sauer in reference to her mom’s health before she started regular exercise. “It’s made a huge difference.”

Since starting her workouts, Short is now able to get out of the house. She said the workouts have helped her balance by strengthening her abdominals, legs and whole body in general.

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